Why Choose Pixelink?

Why choose Pixelink
Why Choose Pixelink

Our technology, products and people make all the difference. We specialize in:

  • FPGA-based cameras for unique custom solutions
  • Multi-camera synchronization
  • Robust, fault tolerant firmware and software
  • OEM and custom camera design and manufacturing
  • Support of direct connection cable lengths via USB 3.1 Gen 1 ~3m and up to 100m using active cables
  • Camera packages with 4K HDR lenses for maximum stray light rejection
  • Phenomenal support plus engineering

What sets Pixelink apart from other camera customizations: 

  1. The Pixelink Software Development kit (SDK) has a very simple architecture that makes it easy for engineers to integrate Pixelink cameras and write their own application in either Windows or Linux operating systems.
  2. Pixelink cameras also offer additional interfaces to make camera integration easier for your application, such as a GenTL Producer for easy control and streaming; U3V or GEV interfaces for standards compatibility; a Python wrapper for rapid development.
  3. The ongoing Pixelink technical support during the product development cycle ensures the development goes efficiently, smoothly and successfully
  4. Pixelink has the ability make a wide range of customer application specific customizations that include
  • customized firmware and FPGA code
  • custom sensor calibration for your imaging environment
  • custom focus algorithms on their Auto Focus cameras
  • onboarding third party hyperspectral imaging sensors
  • producing dual camera matched 3D imaging systems
  • hardware customizations such as compact board-to-board connectors or for specific thermal requirements
  • precise alignment and integration with precision optical assemblies from their parent company Navitar