Autofocus Software

Pixelink Autofocus is integrated with Pixelink Capture Software. The innovative and agile application enables the user to develop autofocus vision applications with multi-camera functionality.

Pixelink Capture’s built-in autofocus capability supports both single point and multiple point autofocus. When launched with an autofocus camera, the application takes advantage of the speed of the autofocus liquid lens technology and reconfigures in milliseconds, for each autofocus shot.

Users now have the ability to drag and drop or arrange windows as they like. As a multi-camera application with a built-in autofocus application, Pixelink Capture offers tremendous flexibility and power allowing vision engineers the ability to configure and test multi-camera vision applications.

For advanced users, Pixelink Capture offers options of more complex image enhancements for exposure control, filtering, frame-by-frame property changes, and multi-camera application testing and configuration, all viewable in the preview window prior to capture.

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