NASA Orion Spacecraft Project

Advanced Technology for Extreme Environments

Pixelink Camera Technology and NASA Orion Spacecraft Project

NASA selected Pixelink industrial camera technology as the best solution for the demanding and rigid performance specifications of the Optical Navigation Systems of the Orion Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) spacecraft project. The navigation camera system, positioned in three locations on the Orion spacecraft, captures images of the Earth and Moon during launch and re-entry, enabling the spacecraft to independently calculate its position and velocity in cis-lunar space. This is critical for crew members onboard when adjusting their entry flight path angle for return to Earth under loss of communication and/or ground based navigation conditions.  

The Pixelink cameras were tested for vibration, temperature variances, radiation, shock, and vacuum pressure. With ruggedized packaging and housing, the units successfully withstand extreme environmental conditions of spaceflight.

5 MP CMOS - 1" optical format - USB 3.0 Camera - Spaceflight Launch & Re-entry Image Capture

Deep Space Systems WRA50X with Pixelink 5 MP Camera