Returns and RMAs

Users must obtain a RMA number before a Pixelink industrial camera or microscope camera can be returned for repair or replacement. Pixelink products that are returned without an RMA number may be refused and automatically returned to the sender, or may result in unforeseen processing delays.

Providing our Technical Support staff with an accurate description of the problem prior to return can facilitate faster diagnosis and resolution once our RMA team receives your camera(s). Customers wishing to obtain an RMA must follow these steps:

Please note: If you purchased your camera(s) from an authorized Pixelink Dealer, please contact them directly. Have your serial numbers readily available and clear documentation of the problem/issues. 

  1. Carefully document the problem you are experiencing, noting any warning or error messages that may appear during operation.
  2. Have your camera’s serial number and other identifying information at hand. The serial number can be found on the bottom of the camera; additional information can be found under "About” in the Pixelink Capture software program navigation.
  3. Complete the RMA Online Request Form to detail your request and forward to Pixelink Technical Support.
  4. For multiple cameras complete a single RMA report and include the serial numbers and issues of all affected cameras in the “Problem Description” section of the form.
  5. Once the RMA Report is submitted, a Technical Support ticket is created in our request tracking system and an autoreply is sent to you confirming receipt. IMPORTANT NOTE: The technical support ticket number you receive via email is not the RMA authorization number. An RMA number will only be issued to you after Pixelink support has determined if necessary. 

Based on the problem description and system/software components detailed in the RMA Report, our Technical Support team determines whether fixes can be applied without requiring the user to ship the camera back.

  1. If our Technical Support team determines there are no remote solutions to the problem, they will create a new ticket in our RMA queue and issue the RMA to the customer for the return and repair of the camera.
  2. The customer will receive an email from with [RMA#XXXX] in the subject line (where XXXX is the RMA number). This e-mail will contain instructions on how to return the camera. Shipping costs to our offices are the responsibility of the customer.  Shipping costs back to the customer are paid by Pixelink if the camera is under warranty, otherwise shipping charges will be added to the RMA quote.
  3. Upon receipt of the RMA, Pixelink will either:
    1. Provide a quote for repair within 20-30 business days or, 
    2. Repair the camera and shipped back to customer if the RMA is under warranty.
  4. Inquiries regarding the repair status of a camera must be directed to with the ticket number from your RMA request [#XXXX] in the subject line (where XXXX is the ticket number).