Customize Your Camera

Pixelink offers numerous customization options for customers looking to enhance the performance of their systems. All base product models can be modified to meet unique performance and physical requirements. Examples include:

  • Cover glass, sensor glass, and micro-lens removal
  • Clear glass replacement with IR filter glass
  • IR cut filter removal and replacement
  • Front panel and clamp removal
  • GPIO/Trigger removal
  • C-mount removal
  • C-mount to S-mount modifications
  • Custom firmware/FPGA
  • Custom calibrations
  • Custom sensor board mechanicals
  • Custom interfaces
  • Sensor modification for dust prevention
  • Custom length and design of flat flex cables

​Additionally, we have assisted customers with:

  • On camera FPGA image processing and on board calibration data
  • Resolving fixed pattern noise and calibrating defective pixels 
  • Autofocus camera custom lens replacement
  • Installing flat flex cable between sensor board and IFM board and assembly
Customization Request
Camera Customization

Modifications to Standard Units

  • Modify existing filters to adapt to specific wavelength requirements
  • Mechanical adjustments to standard off-the-shelf units to adapt to physical constraints
  • Fully enclosed units, board level units or sub-assemblies
  • Customized board to adapt optical path to unique mounting and imaging requirements
  • Monochrome units with IR filter glass from color cameras

Removing the Cover Glass

Customers looking to remove anything “extra” from the optical path may opt to remove the camera IR filter or clear glass. This is often the case when customers are using custom designed lenses in their optical system. They have carefully modeled the optical path from the rear element of the camera lens to the sensor and therefore do not want another piece of optical glass to interfere in the optical path. 

Customers using collimated light (like in a laser system) rather than ambient light may opt to remove the micro lens glass  to avoid any possible distortion of the light going into the pixel well.

Pixelink has experience removing cover glass and installing IR filter glass in color cameras and clear glass in monochrome cameras. 

Does your application require a custom camera?

Not sure? Our goal is to make your machine vision, microscopy or life science application a success. We are here to help you select the best camera solution for your specific needs.

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