Vision Analytical

Vision Analytical Inc. located in Miami Florida produces an entire line of particle size and shape instrumentation, including a self-contained tactical unit designed to perform analysis and immediately upload results to global labs via Wi-Fi or 4G. They also produce versions of their shape analyzers that serve as add-on accessories for customers who own laser diffraction systems and are interested in the shape, not just size, of their raw materials. These systems are used in research as well as quality control and use a combination of lighting, cameras, lenses and software to analyze the size, shape, and concentration of particles in a liquid suspension.

The unique benefit of the Particle Shape system is, as the name suggests, its ability to identify the shape of the particles as well as measuring their size and concentration. Using a dynamic flow-based system allows for the particles to be more completely characterized from different angles as compared to standard static measurement systems. Some typical applications for this technology revolve around the characterization of oil contaminates, cellulose fiber (commonly used in household products like cosmetics), abrasives, pollen, toner powder, ocean sediments, stem cells and pharmaceutical powders.

Navitar and Pixelink sales engineers met with Mr. Peter Bouza, founder of Vision Analytical, in September 2018. There we received a product demonstration and some examples of areas that needed improvement. After observing the problems and performing some tests in our labs, we were able to come up with a solution and develop a rollout strategy for upgrading the Particle Shape analyzer with the Pixelink PL-D775MU-T camera. This solution also allows Vision Analytical to standardize on Pixelink cameras for multiple models moving forward. We were also able to integrate Navitar Precise Eye lenses to enhance performance through the optical path.

Vision Analytical has also collaborated with Navitar and Pixelink for development projects showing a great example of well-orchestrated teamwork between the sales and support teams of Pixelink, Navitar and most importantly, our customer. Vision Analytical is extremely pleased with their experience with both companies to a point where they are trying to standardize their entire product line on our platform.