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    Pixelink is a trusted supplier to OEMs around the world offering cutting-edge camera customization and solutions for medical and life science instruments, research and industrial equipment. Our team of engineers is ready to partner with you to conceptualize, develop, and manufacturer cameras to help make your instruments the best in the world.

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    Looking for high-quality, consistently reliable cameras for industrial, life science, OEM and microscopy applications? We offer USB 3.0, GigE, 10 GigE, HDR - featuring the newest sensors available.

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Liquid Lenses Offer Big Gains for Parcel Processing and Package Inspection
Industrial vision cameras are a mainstay in post offices and shipping companies around the world. Gone are the days when the bulk of the items processed at these facilities were letters or postcards. Today’s post office is a hub for personal and commercial trade; packages must be processed by siz...
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