Strength Testing

Customers that need to visually document industrial strength testing activities using metal, glass, fiber, ropes, wires, chains and more turn to Pixelink® machine vision cameras.

High Frame Rates, Low Smear

Pixelink® professional CMOS cameras are ideal for strength testing applications as these tests require high speeds, low smear levels, superior anti-blooming and a flexible region of interest.

Featuring global shutter progressive scan sensors and producing high quality imagery, Pixelink® CMOS cameras are ideal for use in the following strength test applications:

  • Material Failure Testing
  • Cycle Fatigue Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Spin Testing
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Pixelink® professional CMOS cameras deliver image quality comparable to that of a high-end CCD camera, allowing uses to pinpoint the exact location of product failure and accurately determine the strength of a given component.

Off-the-shelf and Custom Solutions

The use of Pixelink® machine vision cameras for industrial strength testing has been proven in numerous applications. Used by both end-users and OEMs Pixelink® has offered high quality, reliable off-the-shelf and custom strength testing solutions to customers around the world.

Only Pixelink® can provide you with a custom strength testing solution that matches your specific business need. Our custom design services will help you select and integrate the best machine vision camera for your particular application. Contact Us today!