Machine Vision Camera Solutions

Our line of ruggedized Machine Vision Cameras will perform flawlessly in a wide range of manufacturing environments. Our standard cameras feature sensors from different manufacturers based on the performance requirements for each model. What characteristics are important, speed, noise reduction, resolution, pixel pitch. In most case one of our standard models will meet the challenge.

PLD Machine Vision Cameras

Our PL-D line of cameras utilize a USB3 interface. They utilize a variety of CMOS sensors with resolutions up to 20 megapixels, fast frame rates and low noise output. Check out out PLD Product Line.


PLX Machine Vision Cameras

Our newest line of PLX cameras utilize 10GigE techology the provides greater speeds, longer working distances and enhanced functionality. 10GigE is on it's way to being the standard for automation and inspection applications. Check out the PLX Product Line.


Custom Camera Design

While we have an exceptional line of cameras, we excell at providing customized solutions based on unique requirements or very specific functionality for a particular OEM application. Our knowledgeable engineers will bring your vision to life, prototype it and provide a superior long term solution. Learn more about a Custom Camera Design.

Whatever your requirements may be, we would be happy to partner with you and provide the best possible solution.