Camera and Lens Power Couples

Pair a Navitar Resolv4K, 12X Zoom or Zoom 6000 high magnification imaging lens system with a Pixelink CMOS camera for excellent imaging quality and outstanding value. 

We’ve simplified the lens and camera selection process by pairing proven high-speed USB 3.0 Pixelink® industrial camera models with Navitar® high magnification imaging lens systems to meet the needs of your most demanding machine vision application.

The Resolv4K, 12X Zoom and Zoom 6000 lens systems seamlessly integrate with Pixelink CMOS cameras giving you high-resolution, low-noise digital imaging solutions backed by industry leading sales and technical support. 

Optical technologies from Navitar and Pixelink create an unbeatable imaging solution. Application features and functionality include: 

  • Integrated lens controls for zoom and focus to pair with Navitar motorized products

  • Auto-focus options that integrate with Navitar motorized fine focus mechanisms

  • Metrology tools for on-screen measurement of length, area, pixel location, and more

Pixelink Capture imaging software is included with every camera model making configuration a snap. Choose a Navitar lens and Pixelink camera to create your complete imaging system today.  

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