April 20, 2020
Python Wrapper for Pixelink Cameras - Rapid Development of Custom Applications

The Pixelink Python wrapper offers software developers a means to adapt existing programs, or develop new imaging applications, for Pixelink cameras using Python on Windows and Linux.

As a wrapper around the native Pixelink API 4.0, it provides the same easy to use interface that promotes rapid development of custom applications for camera operations as the native API, but with Python's concise and powerful scripting capabilities.

This wrapper supports all Pixelink cameras that use and are compatible with the Pixelink 4.0 API (that is, FireWire, USB, USB3 and Gigabit Ethernet cameras). The wrapper fully supports functionality of auto-focus, gain HDR, and polar cameras, as well as camera operation with Navitar zoom systems.

For information on tested platforms and how to install the new wrapper, go to the
Pixelink Knowledge Base.

Should you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact Support or your Account Representative.