Welding Inspection

Customers requiring reliable welding inspection systems frequently turn to Pixelink® cameras for use in critical welding inspection systems.

Inspect for Defects

Good welds require a smooth and even weld. Even the smallest bubble or missed fused point can result in a weak welding point and potential structural failure of the welded item. Despite the efficiencies of robotic welding, a perfect weld can never be guaranteed, resulting in the need to inspect the weld “up close” to identify any errors.

Welding inspection systems require a machine vision camera sensor that offers a global shutter, a fast frame rate and a 1.3 to 2 megapixel resolution. Most importantly, welding inspection systems require a sensor that incorporates “knee points” – reset points in which pixels brighter than a certain value are reset to a specific value.

Off-the-shelf and Custom Solutions

The use of Pixelink® machine vision cameras for industrial welding inspection has been proven in numerous applications. Used by both end-users and OEMs Pixelink® has offered both off-the-shelf and custom welding inspection solutions to customers around the world.