Traffic & Surveillance Monitoring

Capture Images in a Variety of Lighting Conditions

Outdoors and on the road, lighting conditions can change from minute to minute. To accurately capture traffic imagery, organizations require a reliable, high-quality industrial camera.

Pixelink® Professional CCD and CMOS traffic and surveillance cameras offer a GigE interface to transmit information quickly and efficiently from the camera to the workstation. Multi-slope dynamic range controls enable balanced exposure in images with large scene dynamic range (100+ dB) making them ideal for traffic monitoring in both daylight and darkness as well as in rain, snow and other unfavorable weather conditions.

Ideal for use in:

  • speed enforcement
  • toll collection
  • bus/high occupancy vehicle lane enforcement
  • congestion monitoring
  • red light enforcement and more.

Off-the-shelf and Custom Solutions

Pixelink® can provide you with an off-the-shelf or custom traffic camera solution to match your monitoring need. Our custom design services will help you select and integrate the best industrial camera for your particular application. Contact us today!