Quality Inspection

Applications – Quality Inspection

OEM and end-user customers requiring reliable quality inspection systems frequently turn to Pixelink® cameras.

Inspect with Accuracy

Companies performing quality inspection require high-quality cameras that can scan anything from a large stationary object to a tiny component with great accuracy. Pixelink® provides robust CCD and CMOS cameras that offer the ability to scan objects of widely varying sizes in both stationary and portable inspection systems.

Software-triggered machine vision cameras from Pixelink® offer the high resolution needed to inspect even the smallest part and the reliability required to perform thousands of scans in a a variety of horizontal and vertical positions.

Easy Integration

Pixelink® cameras can be customized to meet specific form factor requirements for easy integration into almost any scanning machine. The Pixelink® SDK includes Pixelink® Capture OEM, an application that controls all the camera functions and demonstrates camera performance. Alternatively, Pixelink® cameras can be integrated with proprietary quality inspection software. The Pixelink® SDK also provides an API that is consistent across all Pixelink® camera models – allowing for simple integration and less development time.

Off-the-shelf and Custom Solutions

The use of Pixelink® machine vision cameras for industrial quality inspection has been proven in numerous applications. Pixelink® has offered high quality, reliable, off-the-shelf and custom quality inspection solutions to both end-user and OEM customers around the world.

Only Pixelink® can provide you with a custom quality inspection solution that matches your specific business need. Our custom design services will help you select and integrate the best machine vision camera for your particular quality inspection application. Contact Us today!