Pharmaceutical Inspection

Applications – Pharmaceutical Inspection

To ensure customer safety, identify packaging defects and optimize production, pharmaceutical companies regularly turn to Pixelink® industrial cameras.

Reliable, Affordable Pharmaceutical Inspection

Pharmaceutical companies cannot afford to deliver a faulty product – a defective package or a labelling error can result in unintended patient harm and/or serious legal consequences. Pixelink® CCD industrial cameras are ideal for pharmaceutical inspection as they provide an affordable, easy-to-use inspection method to ensure reliable pharmaceutical production and packaging.

Pixelink® machine vision cameras offer the ability to inspect for defects and contamination, analyze product quality, identify packaging flaws, and ensure the accuracy and traceability of data. Featuring a wide dynamic range, fast frame rates and accommodating a range of lighting conditions, Pixelink cameras are ideal for use in capturing images of reflective objects such as blister packs.

Our cameras are often used to inspect:

  • Pills & their coating
  • Liquid medicines
  • Packaging & Blister pack contents
  • Vials & fluid fill levels
  • Syringe packaging
  • Labels/bar codes
  • …and more!

Off-the-shelf and Custom Solutions

The use of Pixelink® machine vision cameras for pharmaceutical inspection has been proven in numerous applications. Pixelink® has offered high quality, reliable, off-the-shelf and custom pharmaceutical solutions to both end-user and OEM customers around the world.

Only Pixelink® can provide you with a custom pharmaceutical solution that matches your specific business need. Our custom design services will help you select and integrate the best machine vision camera for your particular need. Contact Us today!