The PL-B952U-R is a high performance 0.8 mega pixel (1024 x 768) color CCD camera designed for a broad range of industrial imaging applications.

This right angled level camera with a USB 2.0 interface is based on the Sony ICX204 progressive scan sensor with a 1/3” optical format and a 4.65 um pixel pitch.

External triggering and 2 general-purpose outputs provide users the flexibility to synchronize the camera with their processes and illumination.

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PL-B952U-R (Sony ICX204)

The PL-B952U-R right angled camera is based on the Sony ICX204 progressive scan sensor with a 1/3” optical format and a 4.65 µm pixel pitch.

Featuring a USB 2.0 interface, this high performance 0.8 megapixel (1024 x 768) color CCD camera is designed for a broad range of industrial imaging applications. It provides 20 frames per second in either 8-bit or 12-bit output modes.

This ILT CCD camera features high-speed electronic shuttering, low image lag and low smear making it ideally suited to capturing crisp images of objects in motion, common to many machine vision applications. High sensitivity, low dark current and anti-blooming further enhance image quality.

In-camera Flat Field Correction (FFC) corrects for non-uniform illumination and optics in addition to the sensor’s dark noise variations, which ensures good image quality over a wide range of operating conditions.

Right Angled Camera: The right-angled case design offers versatility and adaptability in a robust, high quality industrial camera that can be easily incorporated into a variety of system configurations.

Additional Information


USB 2.0

Sensor Model

Sony ICX204

Color Space


Resolution (MP)

1024 x 768 (0.8MP)

Bit Depth

12-bit, 8-bit

Pixel Pitch (µm)


Optical Format


Sensor Diagonal

5.95 mm

Lens Mount


Frame Rate (FPS at Full Resolution)


Shutter Type


Sensor Type



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PixeLINK® cameras include numerous real-time image pre-processing functions. All below mentioned functions are performed by the FPGA inside the camera – with no additional CPU load and thus an inexpensive host computer.

  • Programmable LUT and FFC(Flat Field Correction)
  • Defect pixel correction
  • Mono 8 and Mono 16
  • Auto exposure and auto white balance
  • Binning, Decimation and Averaging
  • Image Flip and Image Rotate
  • ROI (Region of Interest Readout)
  • Saturation, sharpness and Brightness (color versions)
  • Gain
  • Gamma
  • Color temperature
  • Frame Rate control

The PixeLINK® technical manual contains detailed descriptions of all functions.


The PixeLINK digital machine vision cameras fit many applications, their flexibility is a benefit of all PixeLINK cameras. PixeLINK recommends using this camera for:

  • Industrial inspection and automation
  • Logistics
  • Science and research
  • Healthcare and medical (white housing available)
  • Multimedia, entertainment and sports
  • ITS (Intelligent traffic solutions)


Cards and Cables

PL-CC-10: PL-Micro-USB2-2M-Cable 2 meter cable
PL-CC-11: PL-USB2-3M-Cable 3 meter
PL-CC-12: PL-USB2-5M-Cable 5 meter