The PL-B742U-BL color camera based on the On Semi IBIS 5B sensor, is designed to offer consistent, high-quality image acquisition and performance.

It is a 1.3MP board level camera with a 2/3″ On Semi IBIS 5B sensor and 27 fps output. The sensor features a 6.7 µm pixel pitch and  is capable of 10-bit output.


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PL-B742U-BL (On Semi IBIS 5B)

The PL-B742U-BL is a board level camera based on the On Semi IBIS 5B global shutter progressive scan sensor with a 2/3” optical format and 27 fps output.

It is a high performance 1.3 megapixel color camera designed for a broad range of industrial imaging applications.

Factory calibrated Digital Pixel Correction and on-board Flat Field Correction (FFC) provides image quality similar to high-end CCD cameras.

The PixeLINK® is particularly suited for applications with high contrasts (e.g. shining and reflecting surfaces): Its IBIS5 CMOS sensor has no blooming and additionally features the HDR (High dynamic range) mode. The PixeLINK® NIR provides enhanced near infrared sensitivity.

Board Level Camera: This camera is designed for custom integration into OEM and end-user industrial applications providing an increased degree of mounting flexibility while maintaining the same feature set and image quality of enclosed cameras. The boards are connected to the sensor board via the onboard Molex connector or tethered via a 6” (other lengths are available) flat flex ribbon cable.

Applications include:

  • Industrial inspection
  • Scientific
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Surface inspection
  • Welding applications

Additional Information


USB 2.0

Sensor Model

On Semi IBIS5B

Color Space


Resolution (MP)

1280 x 1024 (1.3MP)

Bit Depth

10-bit, 8-bit

Pixel Pitch (µm)


Optical Format


Sensor Diagonal

11.01 mm

Lens Mount

C-Mount, CS-Mount

Frame Rate (FPS at Full Resolution)


Sensor Type


Shutter Type



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