The newest addition to the PixeLINK M-Series is the M5D Microscopy camera based on the Sony IMX250 sensor.

This camera is ideal for microscopy applications and is designed to provide quality imaging under low-light and fluorescent conditions.
The M5D USB 3.0 CMOS camera provides low power consumption, high sensitivity, low noise, high-quality image acquisition and performance.

It is U3V compliant and available as a kit that includes our industry leading µScope microscopy software and a USB3 locking cable, ideal for use in any laboratory setting.

M5D datasheet 

* Brightfield
* Fluorescent
* D.I.C.
* Phase Contrast
* PCB and Semicon
* Petrology
* Pathology
* Histology
* Live Cell Imaging

* Sensor: Sony IMX250
* Resolution: 2448 x 2048 (5MP)
* Frame Rate: 75 fps
* Dynamic Range: 69.5dB
* Bit Depth: 8 or 12
* Sensor Diagonal: 11.1 mm
* Lens Format: 2/3″
* Pixel Pitch: 3.45 µm
* Interface: USB3 (compatible to USB2)

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Tech Update – We have released the latest version of our SDK (V.R10.0.)

* Windows 10 support
* 30 day trial option
* Full U3V support for all PL-D cameras
* Added additional functionality for Autofocus cameras
* Added support for .NET v4.5 platform
* Additional robustness when dealing with a low quality USB3 link

Current customers click here to update to SDK R10.0.
New customers click here to access the 30 day free trial option.