PixeLINK® provides drivers for FireWire, GigE, USB2.0, and USB3.0 interfaces on Windows operating Systems. As well as supporting the camera and the PixeLINK® Application Programming Interface, the FireWire and USB2.0 drivers are Direct Show compatible.

Capture OEM

PixeLINK® Capture OEM is a demonstration image capture application built around the PixeLINK® API and designed specifically for OEM customers. Controlling all camera functions and demonstrating camera performance, The PixeLINK® Capture OEM application provides integrators with examples of how a PixeLINK® camera can be integrated into a complex application.

PixeLINK® Capture OEM also provides an API function call log that shows the sequence of API calls used, and the parameter values any time a control on the GUI is accessed. Moreover, PixeLINK® Capture OEM acts as a camera configuration utility and provides access to camera features that may not be available with standards-based camera definitions such as DCAM (IIDC) or GigE Vision software packages.

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