• Image Capture Software

    PixeLINK Capture streams real-time, high-quality video that can be viewed in a multi-window environment which includes a preview window, a configuration window, and a real-time graphical histogram on a monitor providing the ability to adjust image size, color and exposure interactively through an easy-to-use control interface prior to image or video clip capture.

  • Autofocus Software

    PixeLINK Autofocus in integrated with PixeLINK Capture Software. The innovative and agile application enables the user to develop autofocus vision applications with multi-camera functionality. PixeLINK Capture’s built-in autofocus application supports both single point and multiple point autofocus.

  • Microscopy Software

    PixeLINK μScope software includes annotation and measurement tools and allows users to manage and archive captured images. Users can also export captured image data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, do semi/automatic calibrations, and create live preview overlays.

  • Software Developers Kit (SDK)

    The PixeLINK SDK provides access to the full PixeLINK Application Programming Interface (API) and provides sample applications with full source code, wrappers for a number of 3rd party controls such as LabVIEW, HALCON, MATLAB, and full documentation.