USB 3.0 Microscopy Cameras

USB 3.0 Cameras

Our microscope USB 3.0 cameras are designed to offer consistent, high-quality image acquisition and performance. Ideal for use in any laboratory setting, our USB 3.0 cameras let you capture high-quality imagery with your existing microscope equipment.

PixeLINK® USB 3.0 Microscopy Cameras provide high-resolution imaging capability for both bright field and dark field microscopy and offer excellent color reproduction. Our USB 3.0 cameras offer resolutions of 1 to 15 Megapixels, fast frame rates and high resolution. Offering both global and rolling shutter sensor options and the ability to specify a region of interest, our cameras are ideal for a number of applications that include histology, pathology, hematology, materials science, semiconductor inspection, metrology, documentation & archiving, and more.

PixeLINK® also offers camera software that includes annotation and measurement tools and allows you to manage and archive captured images.

(M Series)

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ModelMega PixelsSensorLens FormatPixel PitchSensor TypeColor Space
M15C-PRO-CYL15Aptina (MT9F002)1/2.2"1.4μmCMOSColor
M15C-SE-CYL15Aptina (MT9F002)1/2.2"1.4μmCMOSColor
M15C-KIT-CYL15Aptina (MT9F002)1/2.2"1.4μmCMOSColor
5.3On Semi (Vita 5000)1"4.8μmCMOSColor
M5C-KIT-CYL5.3On Semi (Vita 5000)1"4.8μmCMOSColor
M5M-KIT-CYL5.3On Semi (Vita 5000)1"4.8μmCMOSMono
M5C-PRO-CYL5.3On Semi (Vita 5000)1"4.8μmCMOSColor
M5M-SE-CYL5.3On Semi (Vita 5000)1"4.8μmCMOSMono
M5M-PRO-CYL5.3On Semi (Vita 5000)1"4.8μmCMOSMono
M5DM-PRO-CYL5.0Sony IMX2502/3"3.45μmCMOSMono
M5DM-KIT-CYL5.0Sony IMX2502/3"3.45μmCMOSMono
M5DC-PRO-CYL5.0Sony IMX2502/3"3.45μmCMOSColor
M5DC-KIT-CYL5.0Sony IMX2502/3"3.45μmCMOSColor
M5DC-SE-CYL5.0Sony IMX2502/3"3.45μmCMOSColor
M5DM-SE-CYL5.0Sony IMX2502/3"3.45μmCMOSMono
M4M-SE-CYL4.2CMOSIS (CMV4000)1"5.5μmCMOSMono
M4M-PRO-CYL4.2CMOSIS (CMV4000)1"5.5μmCMOSMono
M4C-SE-CYL4.2CMOSIS (CMV4000)1"5.5μmCMOSColor
M4C-PRO-CYL4.2CMOSIS (CMV4000)1"5.5μmCMOSColor
M4M-KIT-CYL4.2CMOSIS (CMV4000)1"5.5μmCMOSMono
M4C-KIT-CYL4.2CMOSIS (CMV4000)1"5.5μmCMOSColor
M2M-SE-CYL2.2CMOSIS (CMV2000)2/3"5.5μmCMOSMono
M2M-PRO-CYL2.2CMOSIS (CMV2000)2/3"5.5μmCMOSMono
M2C-SE-CYL2.2CMOSIS (CMV2000)2/3"5.5μmCMOSColor
M2C-PRO-CYL2.2CMOSIS (CMV2000)2/3"5.5μmCMOSColor
M2C-KIT-CYL2.2CMOSIS (CMV2000)2/3"5.5μmCMOSColor
M2M-KIT-CYL2.2CMOSIS (CMV2000)2/3"5.5μmCMOSMono
M1C-PRO-CYL1.3On Semi (Vita 1300)1/2"4.8μmCMOSColor
M1M-SE-CYL1.3On Semi (Vita 1300)1/2"4.8μmCMOSMono
M1C-SE-CYL1.3On Semi (Vita 1300)1/2"4.8μmCMOSColor
M1M-KIT-CYL1.3On Semi (Vita 1300)1/2"4.8μmCMOSMono
M1M-PRO-CYL1.3On Semi (Vita 1300)1/2"4.8μmCMOSMono
M1C-KIT-CYL1.3On Semi (Vita 1300)1/2"4.8μmCMOSColor