New Product Release: PixeLINK Capture PixeLINK Capture is a real-time, interactive, multi-camera application and fully integrated with PixeLINK SDK R10.2. This software is compatible with all PixeLINK’s PL-B and PL-D line of cameras and has been developed using the most advanced software development tools in the market to provide an unmatched multi-camera user experience. PixeLINK […]

The newest addition to the PixeLINK M-Series is the M5D Microscopy camera based on the Sony IMX250 sensor. This camera is ideal for microscopy applications and is designed to provide quality imaging under low-light and fluorescent conditions. The M5D USB 3.0 CMOS camera provides low power consumption, high sensitivity, low noise, high-quality image acquisition and […]

Our M-Series Microscopy Kits are a handy solution for any microscopy application. We have put together a kit that comprises of camera, cable, and custom software – so you can go from purchase to performance in record time. All cameras that are available in a Kit have a USB 3.0 interface, provide high-resolution imaging capability […]

CAPTURE OEM – What’s New in Release 9.3! • We now support the new Sony IMX174 sensors in our product line up. This is an exciting sensor that has been integrate into our newest camera – the PL-D752. This camera works in 8, 10 or 12 bit mode, has great dynamic range and has a […]