PixeLINK expands line of auto focus CMOS cameras with the introduction of the PL-D755 using the Sony IMX250 sensor.
San Francisco, USA: PixeLINK® announces production of the world’s first industrial USB 3.0 camera with an auto focus liquid lens that incorporates Sony’s new Pregius IMX250 sensor.

We are proud to be the world’s first machine vision camera manufacturer to incorporate the high performing IMX250 sensor with a camera that integrates an auto focus liquid lens” states Paul Saunders, president of PixeLINK. “We’re excited and driven by innovation, and proud to be the first to deliver this new technology to the marketplace”.

The PL-D755 industrial camera integrates the Varioptic Caspian electronically focus controllable C-mount lens. Liquid lenses reconfigure themselves in tens of milliseconds, allowing for fast focus changes.

The auto focus cameras from PixeLINK are designed with an embedded closed loop auto focus algorithm, using Varioptic liquid lens technology. This very exciting combination is unique and will be used in machine vision, medical and microscopy applications.” says Samuel Grand, Business Unit Director at Varioptic.

The Varioptic lenses (9.6mm, 16mm and 25mm focal lengths), will provide auto focus capabilities in enclosed and board level PixeLINK cameras. Coupled with imaging performance of the Sony IMX250 sensor, this camera is very fast, noiseless, and provides auto focus capability from 10 cm to infinity.
The PL-D755 global shutter 5 MP camera also provides low power consumption, high shock resistance, and fast focus adjustment and will be available in both monochrome and color.

All USB 3.0 auto focus cameras are available directly from PixeLINK or from its network of certified channel partners. Additional information is available on the PixeLINK website at www.PixeLINK.com

About PixeLINK
PixeLINK manufactures, optimizes and markets industrial cameras for machine vision applications, medical imaging, biometrics applications, and microscope cameras. Offering a wide range of CMOS and CCD cameras, PixeLINK system integration services help OEM and end-user customers select and integrate the best camera solution for their particular machine vision or microscopy need.
PixeLINK® is a leader in both the OEM and end-user imaging markets. Our broad product offering of CMOS and CCD sensors, coupled with state-of-the-art digital bus technologies such as USB 3.0, USB 2.0, FireWire (IEEE1394), and Gigabit Ethernet, make PixeLINK the vendor of choice for machine vision imaging, medical imaging, biometrics, and microscopy applications. With more than 20 years of imaging experience, PixeLINK is recognized around the world for its quality of images and reliability, industry-leading imaging software and unmatched customer service.

About Varioptic
Founded in 2002, Varioptic became a Business Unit of Parrot SA in January 2012. Varioptic develops, designs and markets electrically controlled miniature optics based on its proprietary and patented programmable liquid lens technology. The ranges of technological solutions developed by Varioptic are aimed at a number of markets in the digital camera sector (biometrics, machine vision, general consumer and medical cameras). For more information: www.varioptic.com.

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