Welding Inspection


Welding Inspection

Customers requiring reliable welding inspection systems frequently turn to Pixelink® cameras for use in critical welding inspection systems.

Inspect for Defects

Good welds require a smooth and even weld. Even the smallest bubble or missed fused point can result in a weak welding point and potential structural failure of the welded item. Despite the efficiencies of robotic welding, a perfect weld can never be guaranteed, resulting in the need to inspect the weld “up close” to identify any errors.

Welding inspection systems require a machine vision camera sensor that offers a global shutter, a fast frame rate and a 1.3 to 2 megapixel resolution. Most importantly, welding inspection systems require a sensor that incorporates “knee points” – reset points in which pixels brighter than a certain value are reset to a specific value.

Pixelink® cameras (PL-B740 and PL-B760 series) offer up to three extended shutter knee points, allowing for information to be retrieved from both dark areas of the scene that require long integration times and bright areas that require short integration times.

Off-the-shelf and Custom Solutions

The use of Pixelink® machine vision cameras for industrial welding inspection has been proven in numerous applications. Used by both end-users and OEMs Pixelink® has offered both off-the-shelf and custom welding inspection solutions to customers around the world.