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Biometric Security Industrial Security Cameras | PixeLINK



Customers looking for industrial cameras for biometric security, identification or verification systems turn to PixeLINK® machine vision cameras.

PixeLINK® professional CMOS cameras and CCD cameras are ideal for biometric applications that require high quality imagery for subject identification and verification.  Offering a range of resolutions and frame rates to capture detail at close range or at a distance, PixeLINK® professional machine vision cameras are ideal for a range of biometric security functions that include:biometrics

  • Iris recognition
  • Photo imaging
  • Digital signatures
  • Finger/palm print imaging
  • Facial recognition
  • Document imaging
  • Off-the-shelf and Custom solutions

Only PixeLINK can provide you with a custom biometric camera solution that matches your specific business need. Our custom design services will help you select and integrate the best microscopy camera for your particular application.