PixeLINK Capture Software is Multi-Camera Technology that Includes an Autofocus Application

San Francisco, U.S.A., January 30, 2017 – PixeLINK announces the release of PixeLINK Capture Software, a real-time, interactive, multi-camera application. This software is compatible with all PixeLINK’s USB 3.0 line of cameras and has been developed using the most advanced software development tools in the market to provide an unmatched multi-camera user experience.

We are excited to release to our customers PixeLINK Capture, an advanced application with an agile and friendly user interface,” comments Paul Saunders, President of PixeLINK. “Our users now have the ability to drag and drop or arrange windows as they like. As a multi-camera application with a built-in autofocus application, PixeLINK Capture offers tremendous flexibility and power allowing vision engineers the ability to configure and test multi-camera vision applications.

PixeLINK Capture streams real-time, high-quality video that can be viewed in a preview window on a monitor providing the ability to adjust image size, color and exposure interactively through an easy-to-use control interface prior to image or video clip capture. The camera begins streaming at the point the application is launched. For the advanced user, PixeLINK Capture offers the option of more complex image enhancements for exposure control, filtering, and property changes, simultaneously in the preview window prior to capture while viewing the histogram in real time.

PixeLINK Capture has a built-in autofocus application that supports both single point and multiple point autofocus. The application, when launched with an autofocus camera, also takes advantage of the speed of the autofocus liquid lens technology by displaying the time in milliseconds, for each autofocus shot.

About PixeLINK
Since 1992, PixeLINK has designed, manufactured, and supported the imaging requirements of customers worldwide. PixeLINK’s camera technology has been used to build industrial and life science solutions for machine vision, medical imaging, biometric and microscopy applications. PixeLINK offers unmatched customer support and service while providing the finest off-the-shelf, OEM, and custom industrial imaging solutions to their customers.

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